EMC Avamar 7.5 is now available

June 30, 2017

I noticed today that EMC Avamar 7.5 is now available for download.  There are several cool new features introduced in this version.  The one I am most excited about and had an opportunity to beta test recently is DD Cloud DR (Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery).  DD Cloud DR provides disaster recovery of onsite Avamar virtual machine backups to the the public cloud with the capability of powering the virtual machine backups on as Amazon Web Services EC2 instances (see the Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery Installation and Administration Guide and Release Notes for further information).

Another exciting new feature, AVE (Avamar Virtual Edition) is now available for AWS (Amazon Web Services) as well.  AVE w/Data Domain Virtual Edition are now supported for both AWS and Azure versions of AVE.

Avamar 7.5 will also provide support for the following:

  • Data Domain DD02 6.1
  • Data Domain Cloud Tier DR Support
  • EMC Unity OE 4.2 for NDMP backups
  • Isilon OneFS
  • Oracle ZFS 8.6.5
  • Microsoft Hyper-V GLR for Microsoft Applications
  • Ability to finally exclude the pagefile.sys from VMware backups
  • ACL restores from VMware File Level Recoveries, something I have been waiting quite awhile for
  • Visibility in vSphere on most recent successful image level backups
  • ESRS intelligence improvements
  • Security enhancements:
    • 775 certificates, LDAP-S Support, Default to SHA-2 certificates and Disable TLS 1.0/1.1


I recommend seeing the Avamar 7.5 Release Notes for a full list of new features and issues addressed.  You must use DD OS 5.7 or later on a Data Domain system with an Avamar 7.5 server. Before you upgrade to Avamar 7.5, you must upgrade clients that back up to a Data Domain system to Avamar 7.3 or later.  As always, review the upgrade requirements for Avamar 7.5 before planning upgrades.

Good Luck!



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