Avamar 7.3 is now available

May 5, 2016

Avamar 7.3 is now available for download and some interesting new features are:

  • Customers can now finally deploy Avamar Virtual Edition 7.3 or upgrade from Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2 on their own without the assistance of EMC
    • EMC Remote Proactive Services will continue to be available to perform upgrades for customers
  • Both the OVA and OVF templates are included in Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) for VMware and can configure network settings dynamically
  • The new Avamar Downloader Service no longer requires running on a separate Microsoft Windows server and can is now supported natively on the Avamar utility node
  • Avamar Data Migration Enabler – A new GUI has been added to the Avamar Data Migration Enabler (ADMe) software simplifying migrations of Avamar backups to the following:  tape, the cloud and removable storage such as USB drives
  • New client support in Avamar 7.3 including: RHEL 7.1 and Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Support for Virtual Volumes (VVol) on VMAX3 and VNXe


  • New features for vRealize and vCloud Data Protection Extensions

*See the release notes for a complete list of new features and fixed problems



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