Avamar 6.1 VMware Proxy Logs

January 31, 2013

I thought I would post a few tips and log files I find useful when troubleshooting failed VMware Image Level backups with Avamar 6.1 

Logs: /usr/local/Avamarclient/var-proxy-1
Mounts: /usr/local/Avamarclient/var-proxy-1/vmware/temp
VDDK ini file:
Setting the vixDiskLib.nfs.LogLevel to higher than 2 will increase logging to assist in troubleshooting, but make sure 
it’s returned to prior settings once troubleshooting is complete
If you have an error about backup is missing or not valid, make sure AvFS/axionfs is up and running
check ls /mnt/axion
FLR Troubleshooting
config.xml on the proxy, increase the backup browse and VM Destination Browse Timeout
Currently the default is 30 minutes
FLR Logs
”                                      “/MountPoints/logs
”                                                          “/results
”                                                          “/mount

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