Avamar ADS Gen4 Node Hardware

July 5, 2011

With the release of the new Gen4 nodes, we can now take advantage of higher density disks and improved hardware configurations.  There are 6 different type of nodes: Accelerator node, Utility node, 1.3TB, 2.6TB, 3.9TB and 7.8TB storage nodes.

All of the above node types now sport a single Quad Core Processor with the exception of the Accelerator node containing 2 Quad Core Processors, this is a step above the single processor in previous Gen models. 

Disks are now configured in a RAID 1 configuration for increased performance.  All node chassis’ are the R710 model with support up to 6 drives, except the 7.8TB node that has a R510 chassis which can support up to 12 drives. 

A thing to note about the 7.8TB node, is the inclusion of a 100GB SSD for increased memory performance focusing on indexes.  With the increased amount of disks and activity, this should keep the performance in line with the other nodes.

Here is a table with the different type of Nodes and their perspective hardware configuration:

Nodes Disk RAM CPU Ethernet Chassis RAIN
7.8TB 12x2TB SATA
6x RAID 1 pairs
1 4 R510 Yes
3.9TB 6x2TB SATA
3x RAID 1 pairs
36GB 1 4 R710 Yes
2.6TB 4x2TB SATA
2x RAID 1 pairs
24GB 1 4 R710 No
1.3TB 2x2TB SATA
1x RAID 1 pair
12GB 1 4 R710 No
Utility 2x300GB SAS
1x RAID 1 pair
12GB 1 8 R710
Accelerator 2x300GB SAS
1x RAID 1pair
36GB 2 4 R710

Important Notes

* 1.3TB and 2.6TB are only available as Standalone nodes

** 1.2 Grids are no longer available

*** Minimum supported GEN4 RAIN Grid is a 1×3

**** Spare Nodes are no longer if Premium Support is purchased



  1. I there any way to install a grid with just two 1.3 nodes? I know that is not possible, however, sombody sold this concept with his customer.. and I am so lucky and i was hired to make it real… :/

  2. So does anyone know the location of teh serial number on the devcie Avamar Gen 48 M1200 Storage Node? Is it from the pull out in the front or som eother barcode on the hardware

    • Charles
      You can run “ipmi fru” from a ssh console and it will display the serial number of that is what you are asking for the Gen4S nodes.

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