Avamar vCenter User Account Permissions for VMware Image Level Backup/Restore for vSphere 4.1

December 16, 2010

The subject of VMware vCenter security permissions for EMC Avamar VMware Image Level Backup and Restores came up on a previous blog post of mine.  Just thought I would quickly list the minimum permission here for anyone have issues.


  • Allocate Space
  • Browse datastore
  • Low level file operations
  • Move datastore
  • Remove datastore
  • Remove file
  • Rename datastore


  • Create Folder


  • Cancel task
  • Log event
  • Settings


  • Assign network
  • Configure


  • Assign virtual machine to resource pool


  • Validate session


  • Create task
  • Update task

Virtual machine > Configuration

  • Add existing disk
  • Add new disk
  • Add or Remove device
  • Advanced
  • Change CPU count
  • Change Resource
  • Disk change Tracking
  • Disk Lease
  • Host USB device
  • Memory
  • Modify device setting
  • Raw device
  • Reload from path
  • Remove disk
  • Rename
  • Reset guest information
  • Settings
  • Swapfile placement
  • Upgrade virtual hardware
  • Extend Virtual disk

Virtual machine > Interaction

  • Power Off
  • Power On
  • Reset

Virtual machine > Inventory

  • Create new
  • Register
  • Remove
  • Unregister

Virtual machine > Provisioning

  • Allow read-only disk access
  • Allow virtual machine download
  • Mark as Template

Virtual machine > State

  • Create snapshot
  • Remove Snapshot
  • Revert to snapshot


  1. Lifesaver, thanks!

  2. Hi, I see that U R familiar with Avamar and VMware, great post and not only this one. But I’m trying to contact U about some problem I meet. When I triyng to connect VCenter to avamar (New client, client type vCenter) I get error, that probably username/password is wrong, but I’m sure it is OK, I’m trying with few names local/AD, trying with client IP/name/FQDN. I still get event code 30922: Failed to connect to vCenter. The user name and/or password might be invalid.
    Can U help, did U meet something like this? When I trying ldapsearch from avamar it is working – no problems.

  3. Hi again :]
    ok, I found a point of problem – I’m not sure why but it was problem with certificates. I import vCenter certificate without problem and I went to next step, but when I had a dinner, I invented that maybe it is this ;] so, I turned off cert authoryzation and that’s it :]

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