Avamar Web Restore “Authentication was not accepted.”

April 6, 2010

I recently encountered on several occasions where Avamar Web Restore breaks after an upgrade or changing the utility node’s IP address.

If you receive an “Authenticated was not accepted” when attempting to log into Avamar Web Restore you may need to step through the following fix:

1- Make a backup copy of /etc/avamar/avamar.cfg.
2- User vi or nano and add the utility node’s IP address to the hfsaddr= as seen below, the other two lines should be okay:

You should then be able to log into Web Restore keep in mind, when logging into Web Restore to specify the Account and Client Path correctly, the following is an example from my lab

*Make sure you specify the FQDN in the client path, if you do not specify the FQDN of the Avamar client, you may get the following error:



  1. I would like to know Image Proxy appliance password.
    We have a dedicated network interface for NFS access. Would like to configure additional eth on the appliance.

    • Got the psswd.

  2. If in doubt, using the FQDN is always a safe bet but what matters is that the client name is the same as the one that is registered with the server.

    It is possible to register clients using their short name in which case you would have to use the short name in the client path.

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