Backing up SharePoint 2007 with Avamar

August 3, 2009

I recently had an issue at a client site using the SharePoint 2007 agent to back up an entire MOSS Farm and we continuously experienced either SQL errors or the job would just hang up.  After doing some testing, we found that several modifications were needed to be made.  The services for SQL Server service, Windows SharePoint Services Timer and the Avamar Backup Agent all need to be configured to Log In with the same AD account. 

This particular server was also using SQL 2005 Express, so we had to enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes as seen below:


You can also make the same changes for SQL Native Client Configuration.

Also, do not forget to specify a temp folder in the data set options screen for a location to store the temporary backup files (as seen below), do make sure that there is adequate available space or the backup will fail.



After making all of these modifications, we were able to complete a successful job in no time.


One comment

  1. Do you know if Avamar is able to back up and restore solutions including activating them to the right web/sitecollections? Or does it just do the content back up?

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